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Yesterday, continued

After our naps the kids were just running around being all cute. After a bit lucky13charm showed up and we played with the kids some more. Then we all had dinner, the kids got a bath and went to bed, and we broke out the Killer Bunnies cards.

Now genevra had played once before and she thought it was just "ok" but she wasn't hooked. Mwah ha ha. She's hooked now!
Unfortunately for us she had about the luckiest draws EVER the first game. She had this gigantic Bunny army and me 7 lucky13charm had nuthin'. Whe one that game just because a t the end she was the only one who even had bunnies.
We ended up playing 3 games & going until 1am.

Yay bunnies!!
Tags: babble, monkeys

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