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Random acts of memery

felisblanco tagged me for this one:

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches What's to explain? They're yummy!
Literary: Laurell K Hamilton The early books were good. Now they're just vampire/were-creature/fairy porn. But I still read them.
Audiovisual: most recently, 21 Jump Street I watched every episode when it first aired. Plus, baby Depp!
Musical: Kid Rock I have no explanation. I just like it. Yeah, it scares me sometimes too.
Celebrity: Ben Affleck Yeah, you thought I'd say James Marsters, didn't ya? There's no guilt there!

Now I tag:-

freyjakj anonymous_greg hellbob caitirin and genevra

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

And it doesn't let you fill it out without tagging people, so feel free to ignore it if you want to! Although I suppose technically I could have just edited that part out of the code before posting... Like I edited the color code. If you cut and past as is you get a really bright hideous yellow color. If you go in to edit your entry, or edit the code before cutting & pasting, in the part near the beginning where it says bgcolor='yellow' you can substitute the hexcode for any color you want. Mine says bgcolor=#9999ff.
There's a pretty good color chart here: http://www.ster-ling.com/ww3/colors.htm You just have to be sure to put the # symbol.

*edited to add color change info*
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