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How many degrees am I?

dibsy was talking about six degrees of separation/Kevin Bacon in his LJ.

So, a challenge to y'all... Name someone and I'll figure out if I can link myself to them in six degrees or less.

Doesn't have to be an actor, but someone like "Joe Smith" in Pennsylvania wouldn't work, because I have to be able to know who they are to connect myself.

I am no more than 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon. I could probably bring it down to only two or three with a little bit of effort... but I don't feel like going through the casts of Kevin Bacon's movies at the moment.

I met Adam Baldwin at a convention
Adam Baldwin was in Full Metal Jacket with Matthew Modine.
Matthew Modine was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.

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