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It's Friday!

Home from work! It's a beeyouteeful 54 degrees F. out there! (For you non-americans out there, that would be 12 degrees C. Boy, that makes it sound cold)

I've got the front door open and some windows to get a fresh breeze going through. Lump has been firmly attached to the stool I put in front of the screen door for about an hour now. She loves looking out windows and if she can get fresh air at the same time she considers it a bonus!

i've also got a fire going in the fireplace, because I like the smell & sound of it, and the fact that I've got windows open will keep the house from getting overheated by it!

Rick & I are gonna go to Darek & Nissa's for dinner tonight and then we will be introducing them to the joy of Killer Bunnies!

And now to make your Friday happier, here's a picture of James:

Tags: babble, bored

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