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What I did today...

It was a nice lazy day today. lucky13charm came over this afternoon (bearing a Caribou frou-frou drink for me!) and we hooked the laptop up to the tv and watched the movie Chance. Even without the obvious reason for us wanting to watch it (see pic below) this is just a darn fun movie. It's too damn bad Amber couldn't get any kind of distribution for it because I'd really like to get a legal DVD copy of it.

While we were watching the movie I knitted. One Jayne hat for the Monkeys is done and the other is partially earflapped! The picture has kinda crappy color, but I didn't feel like messing with it.

Also, while taking the picture of the hat I took the picture of Francois that I had been meaning to take. He was made by the uber-talented Janeness aka bleaknimue. Again, the pic has kinda crappy color.

I also rectified lucky13charm's lack of knowledge about Rejected, and then we watched Pirates of the Carribean which I hadn't seen in too long.
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