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I don't get to see Sunspot. :(

Ben, one of the guys in Sunspot, had sent me an email saying that they would be at the Red Sea on Cedar on May 6th. I was all excited that I would get to see them live until I looked at a calendar and the date sunk in. That is the day my friend Dawn is getting married. Since I'm a bridesmaid I can't really sneak outta there to go to a bar...

If you want to check out their music they've got a few mp3s for download on their site. Click here

So, if you like it, they'll be here in May. I don't know how much the cover will be but from looking at past shows it's generally less than $10.

According to the generic mailing list email that I also got, they are also going to be in Austin, TX next weekend:
SAT 3/18 - Austin, TX - Nasty's - Party night at SXSW!

SUN 3/19 - Austin, TX - Vanilla Girl - acoustic show for the GoGirls Showcase at 3pm

The website lists a few more shows through the end of April in WI, IL, KY & MI. The details for the May show in Mpls aren't up yet though.
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