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OK minions, tell me what to do!

I hadn't gotten around to filling up my 100 icons yet, and now I have 132 and that number will keep growing...

Tell me what icons I need!

I like to use icons I've made or someone has made especially for me. No good reason for this since there are plenty of icons out there nicer than mine. I just like the fact that the icons are another extension of me.

I prefer photos I've taken, but if it's something I don't have a pic of I don't mind using clip art. For tv/movie icons I like doing the screen cap myself, but it's not neccessary. It's just me being OCD.

Is there a phrase or quote I need on an icon? Is there a show/movie/band that I need?

I've got room for 66 more user pics so all suggestions will be considered.
Tags: icons, lj, photoshop

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