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"It's Thursday, which means everyone who should be in the weekly briefing is, um, dead."

ugh. I feel just craptacular.
It's not my cold either, because that's just a bit of a runny nose.

I'm cold, and I feel shaky, and kinda queasy/nauseous. I haven't really felt good all week and I just assumed it was the weather change and the remnants of my cold, but this is more like flu, only not. ugh. And I'm at work. And I don't want to be.

So, what's new in a HellZiggy's life?
Not much.

Spring break's over, back in class this week.

I did take pics for hundred yesterday, but didn't have a chance to upload them.

Last night I was well behaved and finished my homework before going on the internets to do my NCAA picks.
But... the internets went down. They just stopped working for no reason. I still had wireless signal and the diagnostic even showed connection to the internet. I just couldn't get anywhere. I suspect it had something to do with the snow.

I don't really like the logo I've got for class tonight, but I'm tired of looking at the damn thing.

Yesterday a plumbing gnome (who looks remarkably like my father) let himself into the house and fixed the laundrey sink drain. Everyone who owns a house should have a retired father who likes to fix things. :)

Nothing I'm listening to at work today is holding my attention. We're gonna try Coverville next. I'm 3 shows behind on listening to that, although I do have the database current, since I'm pretty sure the end of this month is when Brian has to submit a showlist for the licensing. I'm almost positive he has to do it quarterly, although it may just be twice a year instead... But the month ends on a Friday so I'll be able to get it to him that weekend.

Sandy is hooked and wants to play Killer Bunnies this weekend.
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