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Where I let my flist amuse you...

For your amusement... More stuff from my flist:

~ swmbo's not feeling well: "I'm currently held together by germs and cough drops."

~ The put your playlist on random and add "In My Pants" to the end meme brought up this result for someone:
"13. K.M.F.D.M. - Spit Sperm (Live) in My Pants
I win at this meme!!!"

~In a thread talking about the founding fathers and their hottnes or lack there of...

A - Well, on the US currency, Hamilton is a serious hottie. The others are pretty plain.
18th century men ought to be pretty distinguishable -- between scarring and poor oral hygiene, we would probably look like cardboard cutouts compared to that much variance.

C - Ah, you are assuming that the images of these guys are big enough to show poor oral hygeine and scars.
Though you are right... From what I can tell from these reference images, Hamilton is probably the hottest of all our founding fathers. He definitely looks good in uniform.

A - nuh huh. check out that ten-spot -- he's got the cheekbones and the eyebrows. to say nothing of the whole rockstar death by duel. Jim Morrison had nothing on him. except probably recording technology.

C - Wow, that top photo on that Wikipedia entry is the least hot image of Hamilton I've ever seen.
Though this one comes close. I think this one makes him look like Emilio Lizardo from Buckaroo Banzai:

This statue, on the other hand... Yeah, that works:

A - Oh, I'm sure there are a few bad pictures of Jim Morrison too.
Alexander Hamilton: America's first dead rockstar.

~This is what happens when a comic book colorist gets board:
"Carrot Top and Liberace are now part of the first Congress of the United States."

~I posted a pic showing off my Mad Etch-A-Sketch skillz:
hellbob- "The Etch-a-Sketch was designed for kids to draw all the virtual steps they want. Not the abominations you routinely turn out...."
hellziggy- "You're just jealous... :)"
hellbob- "Of what? Your covenant with the Dark Lord for your Satanic 'Sketch Skillz? I don't think so. I'll keep my soul, thank you very much."

And last, but not least:
When your kid is sick, you need a plan:
"I have a cute little spotted thing at home with me today.
Yes, chicken pox has come to visit again.
Plan for today: Keep the little guy happy, write porn and nap whenever he does."
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