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Inspire me...

OK, y'all have been getting pic spam from me semi-daily since I joined hundredpics. Some days it's just hard to find inspiration.

Tell me what you want to see me take a photo of!
I will compile them into a list and if I feel like it then when I don't know what to shoot I'll shoot your requests.
Then again, maybe not. Depends on my mood!


The list so far:

1) a street scene in your town, somewhere central with lots of shops.
2) Your favourite place to think
3) your front door
4) hellbob's eye!
5) a robin
6) an example of *urban decay* in your current home city.
7) five windows
8) Seven different objects, each a different color. The name of each object must start with the same letter as the name of its color.
9) Shave tailed cat in restraints.

Tags: 100pics

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