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A brief summation of my life:

Gabe went to the vet this morning, his teeth are now clean, no extractions this time, bill came in at less than $200, vet is not worried about the thyroid thing because he has no other symptoms so we will just test his blood again in a month.

I am definitely going to MCTC, just have to mail the application (or maybe stop in on Fri), and order transcripts from all the colleges I've gone to. Then, come August, I will again be able to say "I is smart. I is a college student"

Started tackling the Towering To Be Filed Pile of Dooooooom. I have this amazing system wherein everything that should be kept gets thrown in a box and eventually organized into the filing cabinet. In a perfect world this would be done every month or two. Last time it was done was to get the tax return stuff sorted out. And we filed the taxes in February...

Did not go to the club to work out yesterday. Went to Theodore Wirth park and wandered the quaking bog instead. Got a few cool pics. Need tripod next time (even just little one is better than none) by the time I left I had done my part for the ecosystem - there were NO hungry mosquitos left in the park, cuz I fed them ALL! Must upload pics to online gallery. I will post link when this is done.

Wonderful credit union people giving us a home equity loan for a little debt reduction (Yeah, I know, oxymoron, borrow money to reduce owed money...), and a savings buffer that will also pay for college tuition.

We want to go on vacation with scubagrrl and Mr. scubagrrl in January or so. We will be heading out west, and they will come meet us wherever we end up. Where should we go? The resorts that we can stay at Super Cheap (about $129 for a week) are here: WorldMark They live in a western suburb of LA if that helps you come up with any ideas. Anyone who used to live out that way feel free to give ideas (yes, I am talking to you, mcbarnes1970!)

Watched Boy Meets Boy on Bravo last night. It was fun! And it's gonna be interesting trying to guess who is gay & who is straight. Also watched Nip/Tuck. Very disturbing and makes me feel oogy, yet I want to keep watching.

This Saturday looks suspiciously empty if anyone wants to hang out with a hellbob & hellziggy. notmonochrome? passaddhi? chebutykin? Bueller? Bueller?

Oh yeah, the colors. Don't worry. This is not permanant. I started playing with them, then got bored. I will fix them later. Try not to look at them too early in the morning, in the meantime.

Time to go kill something for dinner.

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