HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

The rest of the weekend

Saturday night was spent babysitting the mashed potato covered Monkeys.
Sunday hellbob & I headed over to the MoneySnakePalace to do trivia contest testing. Also testing were mattmn, kerros & 7thstranger, and jklumpp. Subjecting us to questions that only a geek would know were vorrant, petsnakereggie, moneygod, moneygod, eldogo, chebutykin, cajones, cajones and weasel_king.
I acquired the latest smut mix from Vorrant: davedujour's Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
After the testing a group of us headed over to The Good Earth for a yummy dinner. I don't know how many times I've driven past that place and I never realized it was a restaurant. If you don't actually read the sign and just glance at it it looks more like a Health Club sign than a restaurant!
Even though we all ordered our food at the same time they didn't bring it all out at once but instead each thing was brought out as it was done. Somehow my cheeseburger got lost in the shuffle. Then when she did bring it out before I even had a chance to try it she came & took it back and said it was the wrong one. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever gonna get to eat! But I finally did get my bacon cheeseburger and it was perfectly medium rare and was incredibly tasty! And then she even took it off our bill because of the wait too.
After dinner since we were so close vorrant offered to show us Landroval studios. That's where I took the pics of hellbob in front of the green screen (it's the 2nd largest in the Cities, second only to Paisley Park) and I'm pretty sure I didn't get any drool on the pretty Mac computers & ginormous Apple Cinema displays.

Today was pretty much just a boring day at work, but it was made happier by the email from JMLive:

Make a Date With James!

Watch out for details of a not-to-be-missed US event with James Marsters.

"James Marsters And Friends" offers a touch of romance, excitement and lots
and lots of surprises. It will also be James's only US convention this year.

The weekend special is being held in Los Angeles in September and is
presented by Himber Entertainment and JMLive. Tickets will be offered
through http://www.jamesmarsters.com and purchases will be paid through
PayPal or American Express Traveller's checks.

Further details will be announced shortly.

Yay! When we decided not to fly anywhere for our vacation at the end of January we contemplated planning something further out, like a week or so in LA. Well, looks like we'll be planning that for September!

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