HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Television and drool

Apparently it is adorable man night on my Tivo tonight.

First Veronica Mars. Logan may not always be the best guy but he is pretty much always adorable. We'll just ignore the fact that he has got to be waaaaaay to young for me!
And now I'm watching Bones, and Angel Agent Booth just came in all cheerful & dressed in white & acting adorable. It's nice to see him developing some personality and not just being Mr. I Brood, Therefore I Am. And I love the tension between his adorable smart snarky self and Bones' clueless naive self and I just want that to go on forever and ever without the silly writers Moonlighting it. (but Booth can totally take off his shirt if he wants. What? You know you were thinking it too!)

And now, back to my hot man night, sponsored by Tivo.
Tags: bones, db, veronica mars

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