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July is over...

I'm not ready for it to be August. In six days I will have been married for nine years. Oddly enough, so will hellbob. Wow. It doesn't seem that long, while at the same time I can't imagine how I ever made it 22 years without him. I love you, hellbob! :)

Things I still have to do this summer:
Go to The Paul Bunyan Center in Brainerd to relive my childhood. I just learned that it will be closing after this year. I want to walk through those gates & have the giant Paul statue say my name. I want to buy a cheap leather coin purse with an indian chick beaded on it. I want to go through the haunted house. I do not, however, want to eat too many cheese puffs and throw up after going on the roller coaster. Once was enough for that. I also want to go on the helicopter ride that my parents said was too expensive.

Go to Valleyfair because they have a new roller coaster this year, and my stupid company decided to have a picnic in the parking lot of work instead of giving us a Friday off and Valleyfair tickets. If we went on a weeknight it wouldn't be so crowded and you can get in for only $16.50 after 5 pm.

Go to hellbob's parent's cabin. We haven't been there yet this year because we usually go on the 4th of July, but CONvergence actually fell on the 4th this year.

Go to the Minnesota Zoo. They have Tigers, and Mexican Grey Wolves, and Meerkats, and Red Pandas, and a Butterfly Garden, and Camels, and Mooses, and Lynx, and Dolphins. But no Arctic Foxes. I miss the Arctic Foxes. They were very cute, and smart (one of them actually escaped one day in the summer of '87), and soft.

Go to Minnehaha Falls because I haven't been there in years and years and it is very pretty.

Have another BBQ. Because it is now tradition. We will have the 3rd Annual Fall BBQ Extravaganza sometime before it snows. Maybe not as late as October this year though, even if it was nice to not have any skeeters.

I want to get a projector and a big white sheet and watch movies on the garage wall while laying on blankets in the back yard. (A mosquito bombed yard, of course)

I can still fit all this in this summer, right?

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