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Oy with the poodles!

Well, once again I managed to not do my homework until the night before it was due. And so, once again, I was up waaaaaay to late. But at least I really like the 3 candy wrapper designs I came up with. Now we cross our fingers that the teacher likes them too. I have no idea if I'm getting a B in the class or an A. I've been doing about high C to low B work, but the teacher likes me. Also, on one of the last assignments, I got 4 out of 5 points for my creative brief. The thing is, I didn't do one! It's not like I did a half assed job or something... I just flat out didn't do it. I did the rest of the assignment... but 80% credit on something I didn't even do? Things like that are the only reason I think I might still pull off an A.

Still working down in Shakopee tomorrow & Friday. I like it. It's a nice relaxing change of scenery and I like the work they have me doing compared to the crap I'd gotten at corporate the last few months. But... I couldn't switch down there permanently even if there was an opening because it frickin' doubles my driving distance!

Friday I'm off work at 1:00 and if the weather stays as fantabulous as it has been I'm gonna bop on over to the ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Seeing as how I'm already down on that side of the river.

Oh, and I do have pics of the day taken for today & yesterday. I just need to do that whole upload thing.
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