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Remember my last post, where I talked about doing my homework last minute?
In my layout class we are renaming and repackaging the Pearson's Nut Goodie bar to try to appeal to our own demographic.

The three names were decided in class after we filled the whole whiteboard with suggestions. The suggestions were then narrowed down to about 15 or so and we all voted for which 3 we liked.
The three different names for this redesign are:
Choc Treatment
Moose Droppings (Gee, I wonder who submitted that suggestion...)
Mr. Nibble

The assignment due tonight was a computer rendered design for each of the three names, and the designs were based on feedback from the thumbnails we had last week in class. I started mine last night at about 9 pm when I got home from school. I was very happy with my results (which I would post if I wasn't feeling too lazy to deal with converting them to jpg & uploading.)

Tonight in class we put up our three labels and the class voted on which of the three concepts was most successful. Now before next week we need to take that one and basically tweak it. Play with colors, placement of text, etc.

There were some that just weren't that good. There were some that were pretty good but had some issues that needed to be fixed. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but dammit, mine were some of the best ones there.

The one they picked for me to go with was Moose Droppings.

The teacher didn't really offer a lot in the way of suggestions on what to change. Just simple detail stuff like "make sure you watch where the folds are because this might be overlapping the fold here." And "I think there's enough room for you to bring this text up just a little higher."

We were done with class a little earlier than usual and we could either go home or use the computer lab to start working on our stuff. I was one of the last people heading out of the room and I said, "Even though we're done early I don't want to deal with this tonight." and he said that there wasn't really much I had to do. Then he made a comment about how some of the other people hadn't put much time into it and so they would have more to do this week. I was smart and refrained from telling him that I hadn't even started mine 24 hours before... And then we talked about important things like the Minnesota Zoo for a while before I headed home.

So, yay me!
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