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And since I'm in a music posty mood...

Got an email today with Sunspot's upcoming shows:

It's been way too long since we've hit the windiest of cities, but we'll be back in Chicago THIS FRIDAY, April 7th for our biggest show in the area yet. We'll be at The Abbey Pub and performing promptly at 10pm. Other bands include The Tallest, The Lesser Scene, and Sunday Morning Chameleon. If you'd like to come, let us know right away because advance tickets are only $5 and it's $7 at the door. That's two bucks in savings that can be used for partying!

Also, a reminder that we'll be back in the Cincy area on Saturday night at the ever awesome Chicks Rockfest. It's at The Southgate House in Newport and, ironically, we'll be in the Ballroom on Saturday night at 11:30pm. There are so many great bands performing all weekend long, we cannot wait to blow the roof off with YOU ALL this Saturday!

Mike Huberty, Ben Jaeger, and Wendy Lynn Staats
http://www.loseroftheyear.com [ Blog, Podcast, etc. ]
(206) 350-BAND

4.07.2006 at Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL
4.08.2006 at Southgate House in Newport, KY
4.15.2006 at Scott Street Pub in Wausau, WI
4.21.2006 at ELB in Rockford, IL
4.22.2006 at The Body Gallery in Ludington, MI
5.05.2006 at The Stone's Throw in Eau Claire, WI
5.06.2006 at The Red Sea in Minneapolis, MN
5.19.2006 at Viele's Planet in Springfield, IL
5.20.2006 at Three-1-Three in Belleville, IL

Keep up to date on all our future shows here:

You can download 6 of their songs here

I was planning on going to the May show at The Red Sea until I realized that it is the same date as my friend Dawn's wedding. *sigh*
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