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Weekend's over...

This weekend flew by...
Yesterday was the bridal shower for Dawn. We ended up spending a good portion of the day over there, but I bailed on going out for drinks. Maybe if I'd had my own car I would have gone for one or two, but I didn't so I would have had to make whoever drove take me home or call Rick to come and get me.

It was nice though. We got to see Dawn & genevra's high school friend Leigh who I hadn't seen in about 9 years. It was like a really weird flashback though because the basement at Dawn's hasn't changed much since the high school days of hanging out there.

Heck, that basement is the very first place I ever got drunk way back in June of '88. I believe I am the only person Mom & Dad Johnson ever let drink there who was under 18, and that was only after I got my parent's permission and I promised that I would not leave the house even if someone else was driving. I was about a month shy of 18 at that point.

Saturday night was just hanging out at home being a bum.

Today we met Mark for dinner at La Casita and I had a really yummy seafood enchilada. Then we were off to the theater to see Lucky Number Slevin.
I didn't really know anything about the movie going in except who was in it, but it was really good. Lots of fun. Some of the most f'ed up out there wallpaper you've ever seen. The story line was really confusing at the beginning, but it had all these bits that wove together so well by the end. And there were also lots of funny parts.

We'd been joined at the movie by lucky13charm & her brother Chad. Hey Lucky, I don't know why but I expected your brother to be taller. And he didn't have the beard in that family photo you'd had at work, did he? On Saturday night when I'd been watching tv with Rick I IM'd Lucky but it turned out that it was her brother online. Strange boy. Funny though. Just don't let him near your pet rabbits. :)

I am on vacation this fall from 4:30 pm September 6th thru 7:00 am September 18th. hellbob and I will be going out to Los Angeles on vacation for part of that time! Yay! A whole week leeching off of scubagrrl's hospitality. *grin* I have to see what's available for plane tickets from the timeshare since we can use our points to purchase tickets, but I'm thinking that we should fly out the 7th and then come back around the 14th or so. The event stuff wherein I will get to stalk James Marsters & touch him again would go from the evening of the 8th through late afternoon on the 10th. I'm sure scubagrrl can keep hellbob amused during that time.

We don't have any specific plans yet. I was thinking that it would be nice to meet up with anonymous_greg but when I GoogleMapped the city he lives in from Camarillo where we'll be staying I found that it's listed as a 6 hour drive. Uffda!

Also, scubagrrl, Oxnard is the airport it would be most convenient for you for us to fly into, right? I saw that some flights to Oxnard connect through LAX. Is it worth it to do that or at that point are we just better off flying into LAX and you pick us up there? Of course, if we rent a car the part about you picking us up is a moot point...
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