HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Cute, cuddly, and poisonous?!

chebutykin, I thought of you when I found this site...

I did a google search on Slow Lorises to find a picture because frozendragon was talking about the critters at the zoo that she thought were cute and I thought it sounded like a description of the Slow Loris. I was right, and we both looked at the pictures and went "aaaaawwwwww!!!!"
But then the first article listed caught my eye. It was part of a venomous animal website. WTF? So I clicked it and it took me here: Damn! These little guys are cute! Color me shocked though to find out that the Lorises are poisonous...
"The lorises are actually toxic! On the inside of their elbows, sebaceous tissue secretes a toxin (like sweat pores, which is rather fitting since the toxic mixture smells remarkably like sweaty socks). The lorises take it into their mouth and deliver it in the bite."
I started reading the rest of the guy's site too and it's pretty darn interesting.
Tags: cool, links
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