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An update on the HellZiggy's recent life.

I am congested, my throat hurts, I sound like a frog, I'm hoping for a painless death in my sleep. That is all. The end.

In other news, I got an A in my Interpersonal Communications class. Not too tough considering that half of the larger point projects I got to talk about me! How can you go wrong with a subject like that?

Also, no one else is allowed to plan anything for this weekend. I will be in my friend's wedding and have to turn down all offers! So no fun stuff allowed for the lot of you!

The latest Doctor Who episode w/Tony Head in it (that I haven't seen because that would be illegal) was very very good when I watched it using my psychic powers. I get pretty good reception even all the way to England when I wear my tin foil hat. It will be so much easier though when they make them available here in the States. No episode spoilers here, but I just have to say that after seeing ASH's performance here, it's a shame we didn't get to see much of Ripper in BtVS.

Now that really is all. I'm off to die in my sleep. The end.
Tags: babble, doctor who, life, school

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