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127 of my closest personal friends

anonymous_greg was talking about how few LJ people he knew in real life which got me thinking about my friends list. I know similar breakdowns have gone around as memes before...

71 - Knew in real life before LJ
7thstranger, akdar, alisgray, aureth, bleaknimue, blond_bear, bloodlossgirl, chebutykin, cleo, craftygeekette, davedujour, davidkingsley, dewey921, dragonsden, eldogo,, freyjakj, frozendragon, genevra, geohard, gigglemonkey_b, gingerpook, gunthar, hazeldean, hellbob, hellziggy, jaconn, jcoppercorn, jenett, jenwolf, jmanna, jusui, kaldeth, kalfoley, kalmn, kerros, ksracxe, lady_gunsen, ladysea, lexinatrix, littlestllama, lucky13charm, lucyruthe, mhuot, michaellee, mightyskull, mle292, mnfiddledragon, moneygod, montechristobo, oed_1, passaddhi, pied_piper70, poipoipoi, poyboy, realsarah, romeoa, scubagrrl, shrique, silmarian, snoopygirl_niki, some_day_soling, stark0228, suibhne_geilt,tacoz4gir, technomonkey_m, heseamster, uglyzebras, vanaabegra, vorrant, windelina, wiredferret

9 - Met after friending on LJ
genpyris, irish_dragon, kafilipi, muskrat_john, nicepersonality, notmonochrome, raven_arani, theatre_nerd, yaaren

39 - Never met
anonymous_greg, boliviafang, boobieblues, caitirin, cathain_magi, crackle, dakegra, dibsy, elaby, entrenous88, felisblanco, girlmacbeth, girlpire, glamhag, herlife,justhuman, kajicarter, kniblet, kokopellinelli, lurker_dave, mcbarnes1970, mentalme85, minervacat, pafischer, roxy_photo, sarahlynnl, silentemotion, spaceagetiki, spankspike, spikeylover, stoney321, swmbo, trollprincess, tx_cronopio, vel_vette, virtualpersonal, visus, witling, zerbie

8- Doesn't count because it is someone's 2nd (or 3rd) journal
atrata, bombalurina, darkaegis, melhifzahneh, red_thong_diary, shadowcloak, teghrannah, ve_num

A big chunk of the "knew in real life" crowd are the CONvergence type geeks.

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