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Finale! Finally!

The Veronica Mars finale rebroadcast just started!
Actually watching live TV! :)

OMG! I can't believe that dickhead sheriff arrested Weevil during the graduation ceremony! What a bastard!

Wallace, you lovesick sap!

Damn! I have a bad feeling about Keith Mars flying Woody back. You never get on a plane during a season finale! It never ends well!

??? I don't get how the fact that Beaver was touched as a boy leads her to know that he was a killer.

... So we wait 5 minutes and get the "This is what happened speech."

I figured that she'd gotten the chlamydia from Duncan after he slept with Cordelia.

See! I knew the plane was a bad thing!

Beaver is dead, Aaron Echols is dead...

Oh thank god dad is alive.

What the hell was in the suitcase that Cordie brought to Keith Mars? I can't imagine anything making him abandon Veronica!
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