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Kill the waaaabbbbit!

Yesterday's 100pictures was of the New Killer Bunnies expansion I got yesterday:

If you buy it at Games By James in Southdale you also get a nifty "Red Herring Pink Salmon" Omega card.

Dakegra was asking about the game, since nextian_cutie and I had hijacked a thread in one of his posts talking about it.

It is a pretty simple game, once you have the rules figured out. It just takes a little bit to learn because of the Run card concept. Basically you buy the first set which is the Blue & Yellow. It is also best to learn with just that set.
Once you've got it down you want to buy the boosters in order since they build on previous boosters. The order is Red, Violet, Orange, Green, Twilight White, Stainless Steel, and now Perfectly Pink.

Each booster adds new kinds of cards and twists.

With the new expansion I'm planning on having a Killer Bunnies night soon. I'll post when I decide when. :)

The game instructions are on the website. It is easiest, though, to learn with someone teaching you.
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