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It was a good weekend.

I got outta work at 1:00 on Friday and saw the aforementioned snakes. Then, Friday night, hellbob & I headed over to the KalHouse where lucky13charm joined kaldeth, kalfoley, GirlChild, hellbob and me for a game of Killer Bunnies with the new pink booster cards mixed in. I drank some Strongbow Cider while playing and it was yummy. 'Twas a late night though.

Saturday started with meeting Darek & Nissa at Southdale to see The DaVinci Code. All four of us had read the book and the movie was a pretty good retelling of it. Nothing wonderful, but nothing horrible either. We chatted over coffee for a bit after the movie until it was time for us to head to the Mall of America for dinner.

freyjakj was going to be in town for 3 days and so it was determined that for fitting as smoothly as possible into her schedule that we'd do dinner at the MoA. We had decent food at Ruby Tuesday's. Much like the movie, nothing wonderful, but nothing horrible either. I got to spend pretty much all the time we didn't have food cuddling little Mr. technomonkey_m who was a perfect angel. hellbob claimed custody of Ms. gigglemonkey_b who lived up to her name. I had finished knitting a nano sock for freyjakj that I was able to bestow upon her in person instead of mailing it! It looks a lot like this one that I made for lucky13charm. I also acquired dakegra's Moleskine for the Magnificent Moleskine Migration.

After the mall we headed home and when the KalFamily and Mark all got here we trekked through the backyard, through the gap in the hedge, and into the land of Tiki!
Our neighbors, Steve & Tammy, were having a party. We ended up hanging out there until the weeeeee hours of the morning.

Today was Lazy Day. I didn't even shower until about 5 pm and that was only because we were headed back over to Steve & Tammy's for dinner to help them eat up the party leftovers. Steve had already "found" a copy of last night's Doctor Who so I just confiscated a copy of it. Evidence, don't you know?

Six episodes in. I've used my superior psychic abilities to remotely view British airings of all of them from the comfort of my living room. The episode called The Girl in the Fireplace was just freakin' great. I really loved that one. Especially the line I'm the Doctor and I just snogged Madame du Pompador! I really like this new doctor. I didn't want to because I had liked Eccelston so much, but this new one is good too. As far as the Cybermen go, I really don't know anything of their original story, but this one was good.

And now, as usual, I am awake far too late at night and I'm gonna go to bed now.

'night all!
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