HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Spring cleaning


My hard drive was getting way full and photoshop was constantly having issues about not having enough room on the scratch disc.

Time to clean up the hard drive!

I backed up all my iTunes Music Store purchased music on my external drive. Then I went through the iTunes library for all the songs it said were duplicates. I had way more than I thought even after ignoring the ones where I had different versions from different albums.

I also copied my stuff from this last semester at school to my 'Class' folder on the backup drive and deleted all of them from my hard drive

I had a bunch of reference stuff that I rarely have to actually use so that went onto the hard drive too.

I haven't done anything with my photo folders yet to see how much room I can get myself there. I used to have a habit of keeping pretty much every photo because digital storage is endless, dontcha know? But now that I've had some size issues with the hard drive I've started eliminating the ones that are crap right off the bat when I first import and look at them on the monitor. I should really go back and do that with some of my older picture folders too.

Of the 60 gigs I have on the computer, over half of it is being used for pictures and music.

I have 22.6 GB of music (over 5000 songs!) and I've only rated about 1/2 of them. I need to start listening to my "not rated" playlist more often to get the songs sorted. If I don't like a song at all I give it one star instead of none because then I periodically go into iTunes and sort by rating and just throw away all the ones with one star.

I have 13.2 GB of pictures. Of course, that is only going back to July of last year. Anything older than that was already moved to the back up drive.

I managed to pull my available space from just teetering on the edge of 1 GB to a very luxurious 4.77 GB of room! I think that's good enough for one night. :)
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