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What a short weekend!
Friday I wandered through the Eloise Butler Wildflower garden at Theo Wirth Park. Got a few more pictures. Remembered my tripod, only to discover that the quick release that attatches to the camera was nowhere to be found! So I took a lot of pictures that looked like they would be good until I viewed them on the computer and saw camera shake. Grr. I'm convinced that most of the shake was caused by wiggling when the skeeters bit me! Then Friday evening was spent in a concentrated effort to do nothing.

Saturday morning involved a trip to the Powderhorn Art Fair with genevra. I made her stop at all the photography booths, but she made me stop at all the jewelry. I think I might be at least as good as some of the photographers, but some of them just blew me away! Thinking of posible putting some prints up for sale at the CotP table at Pagan Pride, just to see what folks think. Maybe make some notecard sets to sell.

Sat night, hellbob & I took off for Southdale where we met notmonochrome and nicepersonality for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and a viewing of the Italian Job. Dinner was good (I always like it when restaurants will cook a burger medium rare and let me worry about E. Coli instead of making the decision for me that it shouldn't taste as good because it is safer!) and we got to know notmonochrome and nicepersonality a bit better. Italian Job was fun! I want a Mini!!! But even if we could afford one, hellbob would NEVER fit. We also discovered between dinner and the movie that Southdale is a god-awful boring mall with no personality, and no really cool shops. Grr. Eden Prairie is so much nicer. Heck, even Ridgedale is better because it has cool stuff like Disney and the Afternoon.

Sunday, I slept in. Then I was outta here at 1:30, to get to Highland Park by 2:00 for the Lammas ritual. C, M, and G were all out of town, so the 1st year initiates did the ritual and they did a wonderful job! It was a very small group (only 7 of us) but it was very fun. And we had a picnic afterwards. A bee stung me on my leg, but it didn't really hurt, it just itches like mad!

We were out of there about 6:00 or so, so I headed over to Dad & Kathy's house with my little light table that dad wanted to borrow. While I was there Dad spent the entire time showing me all the cool stuff he had brought back from Aunt Betty's apartment in Washington DC. Since she was a Stelzig, she was genetically predisposed to pack-rat syndrome. Uncle Roddey had died back in 1982 and she really hadn't done anything with his stuff since then. The photo-geek in me was just in heaven. There were the aforementioned Bob Hope negatives. And this was just one package out of hundreds. Mostly political. All organized with the who, where, when on the manilla envelope, and contact sheets for all the negs. I would bet money that there are candid pics of all the presidents and vice presidents from Nixon through Reagon. There was a signed picture of Roddey with Jayne Mansfield and her husband Mickey Hargitay, and a Christmas card from them. There are presidential Christmas cards from Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan. Even the Clintons because apparently once you get on that White House list you stay on it. Lots and lots of Air Force One stuff. So much that I have this image of Roddey stuffing his photo bags with everything on the plane that he could fit in. Although he was on AF1 so many times that he would only have to take a little each time. I got a towel with Air Force One embroidered on it. Also, pictures of John Wayne, a pope (haven't tried to figure out which one yet), J. Edgar Hoover (in a suit, not in drag...), Maurice Chevalier. There was a Life magazine that he had two copies of and they couldn't figure out why, until thumbing through it they noticed that one of the pictures had Roddey in the background smack dab in the middle of the two people who were the main focus. There was also a roll of slide film that was the press conference with Elvis in his uniform just before he went off to war. There were pictures of the school integration in Little Rock. Roddey had bought a student ID and some books off a kid and went in disguised as a student and got pictures closer up than any of the other reporters before he was discovered and thrown out. All this, and I haven't even really gone through any of the photo stuff yet...
And there was a zebra skin. It had all the papers that showed when it had been bought in Johannasburg, South Africa. Lots of Waterford crystal, some Baccarat crystal. And this is just the stuff dad and Ken brought back to catalog, and start to sell.
I really, really want to go through all those contact sheets! :)
Today I went back to the Wildflower garden, with the tripod! Genevra went too. We fed a LOT of mosquitos! But I got some good stuff. I'll probably put it up in Fotopic tomorrow. Now I am sleepy. Must be the 3 pints of blood the skeeters took!
Application has been sent off to MCTC. Will probably be able to register for classes in about a week or so.
And now I will leave you with an image of John Wayne at the opening of the Playboy club:

Legal crap: This picture is copyrighted so don't steal it, k? Or my Uncle Roddey will come back from the grave and kick your ass!

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