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Prostitute vs. whore

Have y'all seen the tv show Action? It's out on DVD now.
If you've never seen it you must rent/buy/Netflix/steal it. Whatever it takes to get your hands on it.
It was an absolutely brilliant show. Too smart and funny for Fox, so they cancelled it. I know, Fox canceling a good show... Whoda thunk?
I just watched the first few episodes with lucky13charm and this exchange of dialogue in the pilot sums up why I love this show:

(Wendy Ward is a prostitute, there with Peter Dragon. Peter Dragon is a movie producer. Stuart Glazer is his suck-up assistant. They are talking about Peter's newest movie.)

Wendy Ward: I thought it just plain sucked!
Stuart Glazer: Excuse me, who are you?
Peter Dragon: She's my prostitute.
Stuart Glazer: She's your whore?
Peter Dragon: No, she's my prostitute. You're my whore.

F' ing brilliant show. And i need an Action icon, like yesterday. Must work on that!
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