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I'm Hardcore

hee hee. I bought a six pack of Hardcore Premium Hard Cider on the way home w/lucky13charm tonight. I drank either 3 or 4 while she was here and we were watching Action. I was fine... The I had either 1 or 2 while continuing to watch Action after she left.

No, I'm not that fuzzy on how many I drank. I had 5. I'm just not sure if it was one or two after she left. Anyway, the fifth one really hit me. I was just fine after 4. But at 5 I am definitely Dwunk. *giggle*

Yet I kept trying to catch up on today's LJ... If I left you a weird comment that would be why. Unless I left a weird one this afternoon. Then it's just normal sober weirdness!

I might be bittorrenting Supernatural at the moment. And it might be the adorable Miss felisblanco's fault. She knows why. Bad Felis! What have you done to me?

Now, off to bed with me, for I have to help the roommate move at the ungodly hour of 9am!!!
Tags: drunk, silly

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