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Fanfic as a training ground...

I just listened to an episode of The Dragon Page's Cover to Cover, with Michael & Evo ( http://www.dragonpage.com/archives/cover_to_cover_219.html )[remember kids, no fancy-schmancy links when I post from work...]
and they were interviewing author Naomi Novik who just had the 3rd book of her trilogy released.
One fun thing I learned in the interview is that for years before writing a novel she wrote fanfic (and admitted it!) When Michael asked which fandom she was non-commital saying that she had written for about 20 different fandoms over time.
I loved this!
There are some really awesome writers out there doing fanfic and it's nice to see that their talent can be recognised by getting printed in the "real world." I know there are several people on my friends list who write way better than some of the so called professional writers I have read.
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