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My icon was date specific today!

Yes, technically it is the 7th now, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so there!

For all the people who were crying woe! and doom!, there really wasn't much evil afoot today. I survived the date 06-06-06 unscathed.
akdar wasn't so lucky. It aged him. He's a year older than he was on 06-05-06 (or 05-06-06 for all of you Europeans on my flist).
Of course, as hellbob pointed out in his LJ, scholars have proved that there was a mis-translation way back in the day and the evil number is actually 616. So I guess that makes last Thursday the day of death, doom, and destruction. *shrug* whatever.

I haven't uploaded yesterday or today's hundredpics yet.

Earlier today dibsy posted a picture of a bag that had extra text on the French part of the tag that translated rather nicely: http://dibsy.livejournal.com/17349.html?view=100549
I actually own TWO bags with this tag and so that was what I took a picture of today!

hellbob & I babysat gigglemonkey_b and technomonkey_m tonight. Have I mentioned lately that I have the cutest & smartest niece & nephew ever? Cuz I do! Very well behaved too.

I have so many "I should really do that" things rattling around in my brain and then when I sit down I don't remember them. fooey. Should write them down! One of them is to put together twelve photo layouts so that I can get my calendar uploaded and ready for people to buy it.
And I keep thinking of icons I need but I never think of them when watching tv with nothing to do.

If you are at CONvergence this year, make sure you pick up the booklet with the writing contest winners. There is some really good stuff in there!

And now, I think I should probably go to bed because my brain is wandering off...
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