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Had a very nice dinner with passaddhi last night. We don't get to see him enough these days.
Saw a shrink today and have Ritalin prescriptions. He assured me that it is indeed ok for me to take it even though I'm not on birth control. Basically, if I were to become pregnant, I would just have to stop taking it at that point. But it is apparently out of your system very quickly, and he said that it is definitely less harmful than alcohol. He agreed with the last doctor's choice of Zoloft for the antidepressant.
There were layoffs at work yesterday. 14 people out of the 400 or so that work there. No one I really knew. No one in Data Entry (we'd had someone quit and they never replaced her...) Evil Linda gave what I think was, word for word, the exact same speech she had given 2 1/2 years ago, the last time time we had layoffs.
I talked to the History Channel Magazine publisher about the Bob Hope negatives and he thinks the editor may be interested and he will be asking her.
More pictures are up in my gallery: http://hellziggy.fotopic.net

I'm feeling kind of like a slug so I think I may go watch a movie & work on a jigsaw puzzle. Although I should really be either organising my photo files and printing index sheets, or working in the darkroom. I still have 2 rolls of film from the civil war to process. I also really need to get back to work on my scrapbooks because I have so dang many photos, and I still haven't finished the Las Vegas/Los Angeles vacation...

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