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I usually drink cider rather than beer, so I don't know what beers are good.

I need some suggestions of good local beer. Bonus points if it's not nationally distributed. Also, one of the guys likes really hoppy beer. The other likes dark beer. They both HATE crappy yellow American beer (Miller, Bud, etc.)



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Jun. 15th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
Beer! I know almost nothing on this subject!
I have three icons that all include beer, I had to decide which icon to use.

For the group you describe, I will highly, wholeheartedly recommend a "Summit Sampler Pack". Summit comes from Saint Paul. There's two dark beers and two light beers in the box, all of them are worth drinking. The light beers are not flavorless, nasty Budweiser type beers.

If you prefer sweeter tastes (which is indicated by liking cider), I strongly recommend Leinenkugel's Berryweiss. Their Honeyweiss is also good, but not quite as sweet. Leinkugel's comes from Wisconsin, but not Milwaukee where Miller, Bud, Schlitz and other scummy Macro brewed beers come from.

Surdyk's is my favorite Liquor store, it's somewhere that a customer can ask any question to any employee and get detailed information and recommendations. Many gift wines have come on the advice of the Surdyk's stockboy.

I know it's probably not feasible now, but If you ever have the time and inclination to go to a downtown Minneapolis resturant, Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Minneapolis will set up a 'flight' of beers brewed at the resturant for you and explain each one.

Jun. 16th, 2006 12:06 am (UTC)
Ahhh, beer. A subject near and dear to my heart.

For local Minnesota beer, Summit's EPA is pretty good and a bit on the hoppy side. I haven't tried their other beers, but I suspect they're all pretty good. Schell's Firebrick lager is a good 'amber' colored beer if you want something a little daker and maltier (sweeter).

Regionally, Three Floyd's Alpha King is the king of hoppy beers, but I'm not sure if they distribute in Minn. I can get it here in Iowa, so I'll bet they do. Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald is an award winning porter ('dark' beer). Very tasty.

And for the ultimate in local brewing, check out Town Hall Brewery, one of Minneapolis' top rated brewpubs. I haven't been there myself despite wanting to the last three times I've been up your way. They will fill half-gallon growlers of beer for you to take home.

I've also got seven cases of the best damn homebrew I've ever made in my brew room, but that might a bit farther than you want to drive to get some beer. ;)
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