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more beer

Re: my previous post. 
"I usually drink cider rather than beer, so I don't know what beers are good.

I need some suggestions of good local beer. Bonus points if it's not nationally distributed. Also, one of the guys likes really hoppy beer. The other likes dark beer. They both HATE crappy yellow American beer (Miller, Bud, etc.)"

The beer in question will be going to Arizona for the crew of Wingin' It / Slice of Sci-Fi. I have now learned that one can not send beer via the USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL. So, super extra bonus points for pointing me to a beer store with a good selection that will ship beer!  FedEx's rules are: "FedEx will accept legal shipments of wine, beer, liquor, or spirits when both the shipper and recipient are licensed wholesalers, distributors, dealers, manufacturers, retailers or importers."  UPS's are similar. 
If I can't find a store to ship I shall just have to use UPS to ship "Collectible glass bottles" 
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