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Weekend update

It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was fun.
On Friday night Becca came over to use our internets and to hang out. We were gonna watch a movie and she admitted to never having seen Mallrats. We rectified that distinct lack of culture in her!
Saturday was akdar's annual invasion of his mom's house. She's got a fabulous inground pool so every year he has a birthday party there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and so we spent most of the day in the pool. The monkeys also had a bunch of fun playing in the pool. There was one unfortunate event when both monkeys were going down the deck stairs and gigglemonkey_b missed a step and rolled down about 6 steps to the patio. Luckily she was wearing her life jacket and so didn't really get too banged up other than a bloody nose and a cut in her mouth. Poor little thing looked so swollen and beat up by the end of the day.
Today was the house warming party for Nissa & Darek. Their new house is gorgeous! Way far south though. We also got to see Becky & Tyler, Kris & Daryl, and Mark while there.
It looks like the Serenity screening here is pretty much full up now so if you haven't RSVPd yet there most likely isn't any more room.
I've shot up through Day 98 on my hundredpics, but I can't upload the pictures today because I forgot to renew dreamflyte.com. It's been done now, but I have to wait for them to process everything. *sigh*
I don't wanna work tomorrow!!!!


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Jun. 19th, 2006 11:38 am (UTC)
There were a half dozen of us all watching & reaching our arms out, but none of us could reach from the pool. She did hit her face at some point, but not on the concrete. Most of the damage was from the wooden stairs. genevra didn't even see it because she was inside the ThunderDome at the time.
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