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The September Trip To LA To Touch James Marsters

Another guest has been added to the lineup for the James Marsters and Friends event!!!! That's getting to be one crowded boat. :)

Mercedes is best known for playing Harmony, the long-suffering girlfriend of Spike on the hit television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
She spent five years on the set morphing from teen queen to vampire and reprised the role on the WB's Angel becoming everyone's favorite undead personal assistant.
Mercedes began her acting career at the tender age of ten after having moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver at the age of nine with her parents. It wasn't long until success greeted this young actress with her first role in the feature film The Addams Family which then led to a role in the sequel Addams Family Values. She also starred in Concorde Pictures Lost in the Wilderness.
On the small screen, Mercedes has appeared on the WB's Dawson's Creek, Fox's Boston Public, Touched By An Angel, Walker, Texas Ranger, and the USA Network telefilm Beer Money as the lead protagonist Echo. She's been busy this year filming horror movie Hatchet and comedy short Miles From Home.
Mercedes enjoys dancing, amusement parks, shopping, bowling and basketball and currently splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. Her father, Bob MacNab, was also a star soccer player for the very successful British
soccer team Arsenal in the late 60s and early 70s.

The current guest list is:
James Marsters
Tony Todd
Kevin Sorbo
David Fury
Jane Espenson
Steve DeKnight
Michael Winnick
Dee Dee Bradley
Mercedes McNab
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