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Pondering the Picture Project...

Well, I've achieved the goal of shooting at least one picture a day for the last 100 days. 


I honestly didn't expect to make it to 100 without having to restart at least once. When I tried to shoot daily last November I actually missed either two or three days. There were some days in the last 100 where i literally only took the one picture. There were also many days where I got more and couldn't decide on just one.

Whether or not I continue on with this is gonna be decided by if I take a picture today or not... I haven't been really inspired lately until going to the park yesterday, but if i do another 100 that will take me through most of the summer which would include things like a Mason Jennings concert, CONvergence, a weekend at my parent's cabin, a weekend at Rick's step-mom's cabin and my Trip To LA To Touch James Marsters Again.

I'm thinking I'll continue on with the goal of just seeing how far I get rather than a set number...

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