HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Care & feeding of the HellZiggy

swmbo posted this today:

"It was suggested the other day that I do a meme and I am agreeing! Except I don't wanna do any of the ones out there right now, so I'm just making up my own:

How to prepare for a visit from swmbo:

swmbos come equipped with multiple electronic gadgets and accessories. Upon arrival, it's very helpful to point swmbo to outlets that she may use to recharge herself them.

swmbos drink a lot. Of JUICE, shuddup. Swmbos are totally willing to buy their own juice - try taking one on a trip to the grocery store! It's fun AND educational to go shopping with swmbo!

swmbos require coffee in the morning. REQUIRE. If you do not have a coffee maker, why not inform swmbo in advance? She's perfectly willing to bring her own manual coffee maker in a pinch!

Bonus: while swmbos WILL drink their coffee in just about any form imaginable, currently they prefer it with evaporated milk.

swmbos don't always need to be entertained - sitting around drinking coffee, reading or talking can often be the highlight of the trip! She even usually comes equipped with several books and dvds, just in case! But it is nice to take swmbo out for a walk or two, if the weather's nice. Why not visit the coffee shop down the corner?

The best thing about swmbos? LOW MAINTENANCE! Swmbos will eat just about anything, are quite content with their own company and very happy to be in yours!

Get one today - REBATE AVAILABLE!

(Shipping and handling required, price depending on location)

How should one prepare for a visit from YOU?"

So, without further ado,
How to prepare for a visit from the HellZiggy:

~Like the Swmbo, the HellZiggy also travels with many electonical gadgety things. Must recharge.

~If you don't have any cats you should think about getting some because the HellZiggy will be missing its two cats and will want to pet yours.

~The sleeping area should have a small lamp within reach of the bed because the HellZiggy likes to read before sleeping.

~The HellZiggy will have cameras with it. You must take it to cool places to take pictures.

~The HellZiggy will likely also demand to get to go to the zoo.

~A visit from the HellZiggy will also always include a visit from Moose.

~The HellZiggy does not like mornings. At all.

Care & Feeding of the HellZiggy:

~It likes caffeine, especially when in Diet Mountain Dew form.

~It doesn't like vegetables.

~The HellZiggy knows that mustard is EVIL and will be angry if you try to feed it mustard.

~The HellZiggy does not like beer, but hard cider is a very acceptable alternative.
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