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On a quick work break

It is Monday. Urg. We hates the Mondays.

If you want to laugh go to hellbob's journal and click his Snakes on A Plane link. (No fancy linkage from me while at work. So there.)

Had a killer headache yesterday. It was just a wee headache when Becca & I took off to go to Target (new Monkey socks!) and to the MonkeyHouse for her to meet my cute monkeys, B & M. I had food, and I had caffeine, and I had ibuprofen but it didn't go away. Fuck! At that point only sleep will cure it. Which meant that I did not get to attend romeoa's birthday party with Hellbob. *sigh*
At least the headache was gone when I woke up.

Mason Jennings on Saturday night. It frickin' rocked! Even if we were the furthest from the stage that we have ever been from Mason.

hellbob & I get to have really good steaks for dinner tonight! Becca is buying them to thank us for letting her stay. Mmmm. Dead cow!

Oh, Moose made it safely to Arizona last week. He apparently had a really good seat for Serenity. He gets a brief mention during the Slice of Sci Fi Voicemail show, which I'm not sure if it's out yet or not... The beer homemade preserves should be getting delivered to Draco-vista studios today. yay!

Ok. 10 minute break over. Back to the salt mines.

Have a wonderful day my Minions! :)
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