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My interview from chebutykin

1. Where is the strangest place you've ever been?
Well, there was that time I woke up naked in a bed with 5 other people... heh. Just kidding, but you're all paying attention now, aren't you?
I can't think of anywhere that I think is strange, but I can name a few that other people would find strange:
The Tiger Barn at the Minnesota Zoo. It smells like you haven't changed your cat's litter box in oh, about 3 months or so.
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. They have a gift shop.
The roof of a 4-story building on NDSU's campus, and stepping off the edge rather than taking the stairs down.
South Carolina & Georgia.

2. When did you start doing photography as a hobby? What draws you to photography?
I took a photo class in high school, and I was immediately hooked on B&W darkroom work. I convinced mom & dad that I really would rather have a camera as my graduation present instead of a typewriter.
I never took very many art classes because I didn't think I was very good at it, and photography was art that even someone who can't draw can do. Also, everytime I look at the brilliant work of someone like Ansel Adams I think to myself "That's what I want to do" I never did much with color, but now that I have the digital camera I am starting to do a lot more color work. I tend to like to photograph nature and animals. Not people so much.

3. What would your dream job be?
I would be a wildlife/travel photographer who would get assignments all over the world and my employer would pay all my travel costs!!

4. A mad scientist gives you a Learning Pill. The pill enables you to instantly learn one skill that you didn't have before, and you get to choose what that talent would be. What would you learn?
I would love to have the language skills to learn several foreign languages. It would also be nice to learn to dance. But I would probably ask for some sort of uber-computer skills so I could get me one of those jobs that pays you a ton of money to cruise the net & LJ all day.

5. Talk about someone you miss.
Most of the people that I miss are friends from Fargo that I lost touch with while engaged to Dickhead. Winona was my roomate freshman year. By the end of the year it was just the two of us in a four person room. She was one of the best roomates I ever had, even if she was a slob. Brian was my roomate winter & spring quarters of sophomore year. We had a 2 bedroom apt. south of campus with a balcony overlooking the train tracks. We were super close friends for about 3 years, but I started dating Dickhead & he would get jealous of Brian and the time I spent with him at the ATO house. Brian was the one who took me out drinking on my 21st birthday, because it was in July so a lot of our friends were gone for the summer. Mike was good friends with Brian too, and was also an ATO, but he went kinda nuts, he was an alcoholic and had other problems. He moved down here to the Cities and I saw him once after that but then we lost each other. I always wonder if he ever got his act together. Roxanne was a high school friend. We became friends initially because I was the first one on the bus and would get the coveted back seat & she got on a few stops later & would sit with me. We were so different. She smoked and drank and did drugs and swore. I didn't. We mostly just hung out together at school, didn't do much together outside of that, but we had several classes together and somehow it just worked. She went to college in Arizona, and we saw each other a few times while home for breaks and we wrote to each other, but then one of us didn't write the next letter and next thing you know it's 13 years later and I have no idea where she is. And she's totally not the class reunion kinda chick, so I'm not sure how I'll ever find her again. And I miss my friend Kerry. But we email & talk on the phone & she reads LJ sometimes even though she never posts. So we stay in touch, but she lives too far away!

And to carry the great meme on, the rules:
1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And it just keeps going, and going, and going

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