HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Sky go boom!

I know y'all are asking yourselves, "What's a HellZiggy been up to lately?"
You have been asking that right? right? You cry every day that goes by without me posting, don't you?
Good minions! Scooby snacks for all of you!

So, my life lately...

Last Tuesday was the Superman Returns preview night. We met stark0228, cajones, chebutykin, vorrant, romeoa & cleo at Old Chicago. Lots of good conversation and good food. Hard cider on tap too! Then we were off to the theater for the movie. It was just not a comfortable theater though. By the end of the 2hrs 45 min I was more than ready to stand up and stretch. I liked the movie. Visually it was gorgeous. Storywise, it was ok. Not great, but not bad.

Thursday I went to Landroval Studios one day to be an extra on Midnight. I was a filthy peasant! And there was a beheading in the town square. Even though there was a lot of sitting around waiting, it was a much more pleasant way to spend the day than at work!

Friday night we went to dinner at Big Bowl with Becky, Tyler, Jeanine, Mark and lucky13charm. Yummy yummy food! Then it was off to see Superman again. It was much more comfortable this time. I even managed to get a 20 minute nap in...during the movie...

Saturday hellbob & I headed on up to his dad & step-mom's cabin with Jeanine and her beautiful dog Zoe to celebrate dad's birthday. We stayed until Sunday afternoon. There was a wonderful boat ride on Saturday night and dinner at the restaurant on the lake. Jeanine and I also played quite a few games of 10 Days In Europe. It's kind of an addicting little game.

Monday was a work day for me, but then the KalFamily came over in the evening and we had porketta for dinner and committed random act of bunnycide.

Tuesday I went on into work for 4 hours of overtime. Then, after coming home and napping for a while we headed to mhuot & lexiphanic's house for their annual 4th of July party. This year was the first time we'd made it. Their front yard has an AWESOME view of a local fireworks show. True to her name, the fireworks made the gigglemonkey_b giggle. The technomonkey_m, however, did not like the loud noises.
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