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It's the weekend!

I'm not gonna go to work tomorrow & you can't make me!
I have an early-ish appointment at Memorial Blood Centers tomorrow. They always call me at work the day before to remind me of the appointment & the chick who called today said that if I don't feel well tomorrow to call & let them know as soon as possible. Apparently one of the hospitals put in a request for B+ platelets and they must not have any in stock because the ones they take out of me are going right to the hospital. I know that each time I donate I am saving a life, and that my one platelet donation is the equivelant of what they can spin out of 16 pints of blood (I almost always give a double) but I've never known when/where it would be used. It's kind of cool knowing that at this time tomorrow someone will have my platelets in them!
Then, after that I get to go to Minneapolis Community & Technical College to watch the ultra-exciting transfer student video. Once I have done that I will be allowed to register & fork over much money to them! I'm thinking that I will not take the Saturday morning class this semester because I still have so many weekend things going on, and I will take a Tues. nite & a Thurs. nite class. Another happy thing is that I will be right by the Students with Disabilities Office for my movie viewing excitement and ADD is on their "list of disabilities" so I will be talking to them about that and seeing if there is any possibility of cash & prizes for being defective. Grants would be a most wonderous thing!
Then, I will be going to National Camera's super duper Tent Sale extravaganza to see if there is anything I can't live without. This could be dangerous.
Then, home to wait for kalfoley so that we can head up to hellbob's dad & stepmom's cabin with the kids. hellbob & kaldeth are already up there, so I am single for the night! It's really not as exciting as it sounds.
I have to decide which photos to do as 8x10 prints & 5x7 prints and actually get them printed out before August 23rd. Also, I need to see if I can get blank notecards somewhere cheap so I can make a bunch of greeting cards. I will be selling these things at Pagan Pride at the U of M on Aug. 23. I don't have to pay for the table, but I am also only getting my cost back and the profits are going to CotP, because it costs money to rent ritual space. I figure that this way I can see if any of my stuff sells, and if so, which ones.
So now I am just working on copying all my cd's onto the computer so I can make mp3 disks. Then I can take 10 disks to work to listen to instead of 100.
Now, I am off to answer meme interview questions!

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