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Splat! Splat! Splat! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Played paint ball for the first time today!! Woohoo! It was loads of fun. We had a group of about 18 or so & let the splatball dudes randomly assign teams. I ended up on one team & HellBob on the other. This, of course, immediately prompted me to cheer "I get to shoot my husband!" How many wives get the chance to say that without risking jail time?! Guys against girls was definately NOT an option. There were only 2 of us testosterone-challenged types. We did four capture the flag games & I managed to take out at least one person each time. In one game I had the first kill! It was one of HB's co-workers, Tom, and I got him right on the neck! It looks for all the world like a hickey... Everyone at work is going to give him crap that it is from Heidi, his on-again, off-again, who the hell knows significant other. She was the other chick there & also works with Tom & HB. Although if anyone does try to give him shit about it he can shut them up real quick by saying that it wasn't Heidi, it was HB's wife, when we were out in the woods... hee hee hee

After paintball we went over to Tom (different Tom) & Lisa's to see how Anna was liking the new puppy. Puppy's name is Luna. Although she seems to come better to "C'mere Puppy" than "C'mere Luna"... Anna doesn't know that the puppy was at our house for the night so I felt kinda bad that she kept running over to me instead of Anna. It's not my fault! Luna & I bonded. We napped together on the couch. We went to the hairdresser together. We got a lot of quality time in our one day together. She does seem to like Anna best out of her family though, which is good. She seems to be housebroken already, even though she was outside when she was with her mom. She hasn't had ANY indoor incidents at either my house or hers. And she usually pees right away when she gets outside so it's not like she doesn't have to go...
She is soooooooo cute!!

And now it's time for bed. Running through hilly woods can wear a person out (not to mention getting up at the crack of freaking dawn)
Zoo tomorrow! Going to the Minnesota Zoo with chebutykin and my camera with telephoto lens and lots of b&w film.
Then I will probably spend all day Monday hiding in the darkroom with the Geardaddies blasting away on the CD player unless HellBob gets a wild hair up his butt and decides to go to the State Fair. Mmmmm. Food on a stick!
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