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From today's WTF? category: I left work at my usual time, but there was almost no traffic on 494! I was able to cruise along at 70-75 MPH almost the whole way home. Er, um, I mean I was able to cruise along at the maximum legal speed of 60 MPH.

Yea for remembering to open all windows and sunroof. When I got in the car after work it was the same temperature as outside instead of 20 degrees hotter. Not that this was all that useful since according to my car's thermometor it was 98 degrees outside! (dakegra & herlife, sorry but I don't know what the equivalent Celsius degrees are. Something like Damn Hot!)

It was a wonderful, fun, relaxing weekend at the cabin. The two little kids didn't drive me nuts, and the two teenagers were very well behaved. The dog barked a bit, but she's so darn cute! kalfoley kicked my butt in Scrabble, Anna beat us all at Clue, and James learned to dive. I learned that one should remember to charge their digital camera batteries before going away for the weekend! I also learned that it is impossible to talk hellbob into going skinny-dipping.

I've got almost all my CD's copied onto the computer hard drive as MP3's so I can start making copies for work with lots of albums on each disk. Then I will have my entire collection in one handy little cd case. I also need to make mix disks to keep my ADD brain happy. Our latest Second Spin order isn't here yet though with my Kid Rock disks so I can't make my Detroit White Trash mix. Only 3 weeks 'til I get to go see Uncle Kracker!

I got a new camera bag at the National Camera tent sale. It is a backpack style and it holds everything: Rebel camera body, 35-80 lens, 70-300 lens, add-on flash, G3 digital camera, Extender tube for G3, 1.5x teleconverter, filters & film. And since it is a backpack it doesn't feel like I am carrying the biggest bag ever. It will get it's first real tryout on Friday when I go to the zoo with passaddhi. I think I will leave the real camera at home & just do the digital thing though, because last year I just shot B&W.

I'm almost registered for classes! I got as far as getting my student ID number and tryijng to register but I was denied because of prerequisites. It was just the do you know how to read, write, and do math prereq that will be waived once they look at my transcript and see that I have completed all those classes. Once that happens I will have to go and actually pay for class...

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