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Grrrr. Stoopid School!

So a week ago Monday I registered for two classes, one of which was the Applied Psychology that I'm required to take for my degree. This last Tuesday I had stopped at the place I usually work to take care of some stuff on my desk and so had a chance to talk to my supervisor. I asked her if it would be a problem, now that we have flex time every week, to take a day class during the week and have that be my short day and then have to work a full day on Fridays. She said yes right away with no hesitation. So I was gonna go add a Graphic Design class today and my classes I registered for were dropped on August 10th. No explanation of why! I think it's because they sent me an immunization form that hasn't been sent back in yet. I clicked on the registration holds link though where it specifically lists immunizations as one of the reasons for holds and it doesn't have anything listed. Wouldn't be a big deal except that now the psych class is full and I can't get into it!!!!   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Also, why do they even need an immunization form from me? They already have one on file that says I was immunized for EVERYTHING on June 7, 1990. It's not like I could have become un-immunized since then... And all those 1990 immunizations were in addition to me having had them all done when I was a baby, so I'm double protected. Phooey. So it looks like I'll still be taking the useful-but-not-required class that I had registered for w/the Psych class just in case I couldn't take a Graphics one. 
Am I ever gonna graduate???????

I'm thinking I might need to listen to some Happy Happy Joy Joy by Dibsy...

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