HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

What did you say?

Is comment notification being a bitch for anyone else today, or just me???

*edited to add*

anonymous_greg is obviously smarter than me because he immediately provided me with a link to the problem. It's a beta of new comment notifications that is using permanent accounts as the guinea pigs.
This also explains the little pushpin buttons for tracking entries, threads, etc that appeared in my journal but I hadn't seen anyone on my flist talking about them. Perfect for when you comment in someone elses journal and someone responds to you (which you get an email about) and then someone else responds to them (which you don't get an email about.) I think I need to find me some threads to follow to test this puppy out.

Just curious, how many of you out there on my flist are permanent accounts?
Tags: lj

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