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a torrent of ghosts

I might be bittorrenting the Ghost Hunters episode where they are on the Queen Mary right now... I forgot to set the Tivo for it when the ep was rerun on TV, and they only have 10 episodes on iTunes and none of those are the one I need either. Which sucks because I would have much rather just bought it than have to deal w/the torrent.

So this torrent has been going for a couple days now and it's been kinda slow since there's not a huge demand for it. Right now it lists 99.28% of the pieces as available. I have 99.14% of the file. If it stalls out and never gets that last 3 MB, what are the chances that it's playable?

Woo hoo! That last fraction of a percent came through! Now I can learn about all the ghosties lurking on the Queen Mary before I get out there!
Tags: bittorrent, queen mary

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