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Yeah!!! I was at the school's website to see what books are required for my classes and I checked for open sections in the psych dept and there was ONE AVAILABLE SEAT in the night session of Applying Psychology!!!
This is one of the few non-graphics classes that I am required to take and most semesters it conflicted with graphics classes I still needed. Now I think I've taken all the classes that are offered at night so I was going to finally take it, but it was one of them that they dropped me from last week.
So yesterday I had registered for Typography 2 on Tuesday afternoons, and then was going to take Beginning Spanish 1 on Tues & Thurs nights.
But there was one seat available and now it is mine!!!!!
**Does happy crazy psychology dance!**
Now my schedule is a nice simple Type 2 from 1-4:40 and then Applying Psych from 5-7:40 on Tuesdays.
Two classes that are required and both on one day! Yay!
I had to sacrifice my leaving at 1:00 on Fridays to do it, but working 8 hours on Fridays is a small price to pay for making more progress toward the degree. Yay!
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