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friday & LJ layout

My first long friday since switching my schedue for school... Not gone insane yet...

I've been playing with my journal layout because I was getting bored with it and LJ had added the Vox styles. So I picked the one I liked but it didn't have enough options in the customize. Mainly in font choice and size. It was a titch too small for my liking because I keep all my monitors at max resolution. 
I've found one now that I like. It has a tags list. It has the skip forward/back links at the top (always a good thing because I read entries from bottom to top) The theme I picked has a black background w/light text which I prefer to the opposite. There are clear line delineations between each entry. The user pics don't affect the text alignments. 
So many things I didn't realize I wanted but now have. 
I'm going to wait until I'm home though to start tweaking the colors, font sizes, etc.
Tags: bored, lj

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