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Less than 5 days!

It's technically Monday now! I work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I get on an airplane w/hellbob to go to Los Angeles. Friday night I will be in the presence of my obsession, James Marsters! Yay!

I went shopping today with non-LJ Jeanine, camel0t, and genevra. We hit the stores at Mall of America with a mission: Find hellziggy a dress she looks hawt in. We succeeded!
We actually succeeded too well at first. There was a beautiful dress at Nordstrom's that was PERFECT on me. Unfortunately one should never try on a dress before looking at the price tag because $388 was not so perfect. *sigh* Even with no sales tax on clothes I couldn't justify spending that much on one dress that will rarely be worn.

But we did find a different dress at Macy's that was a very good second choice. I put it on to show it off to hellbob & Ty before dinner and a picture was taken so I will post that shortly. The dress will also be perfect to wear to Darek & Nissa's wedding the Saturday after we get back.

But, now I must stop spamming and get myself to bed so I can make it to the zoo tomorrow for a giraffe feeding, and then to the mall with Jeanine to pick up some makeup seeing as how I'll be dressed like a girl on Friday!
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