HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

My semi-annual birthday post!

So yeah, I'm a slacker as usual. A happy happy birthday to all of y'all who have had a birthday in the last month:

joshuwain on the 21st!
mcpenguin on the 21st also! (although since he's in Antarctica it probably wasn't the 21st here when he celebrated it!)
lurker_dave on the 24th!

fiddle_dragon on the 4th!
eldogo on the 4th too!
spankspike on the 13th!
geohard on the 14th!
kokopellinelli on the 15th!
petsnakereggie on the 18th!

and the soon to be back where she belongs freyjakj TODAY!!!

Happy Birthday, y'all!!!!

Hope they were all filled with lots of fun and cake and hugs and friends!!!!
Tags: birthday

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